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The Beato Drum Bed is your alternative to the standard drum rug for your kit. The Beato Drum Bed is made with sturdy, light-weight material that has a low-napped fleece surface and a heavy duty vinyl backing that stays in contact with the floor or stage. The drum bed is finished with strong black Pro 1 Tolex piping. It weighs approximately 5 lbs. and folds easily to be stashed inside your base drum bag! This product not only keeps your drum kit from sliding, it's easy to tote and can be used as a "tarp" to camouflage your gear for those times when you have to leave it in your vehicle. The Beato Drum Bed comes in three sizes: The Single Kick measures 76"(D) x 82"(W), the Double Kick measures 76" (D) x 108" (W), and the Beato Mini Drum Bed measures 5' (D) x 5' (W). Rest easy, your Beato Drum Bed is a drummers sweet dream!

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Beato Mini Drum Bed 5' (D) X 5' (W) Beato Drum Bed-Single Kick 76" (D) x 82" (W) Beato Drum Bed-Double Kick 76" (D) x 108" (W)


Velcro tape for hardware placement welcome!